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About God's Anointed Women

by gailsmileybooks

God’s Anointed Women is an international empowerment organization built with a vision given by God to reach out to a hurting world and to encourage his people. A group of anointed women of God working together for a unified cause, appointed for a specific time and purpose. We focus on restoring the broken, inspiring and empowering women and men, teaching the power in unity through the word of God, events, conferences, services, community outreach and more. God's Anointed Women's mission is to uplift and restore those who have been impacted by tragedy, promote family and community Unity, and to edify, regardless of race, gender, age or religion. To provide a platform for ministry and outreach that honors women as well as support its leaders. To provide education and advocacy through the word of God, community resources, experiences, mentorship programs, and sponsorships. God’s Anointed Women began in 1999 in Cincinnati Ohio as a prayer breakfast with the mission to reach out to women in domestic violence shelters and situations. To focus on education and restoration of these victims, to support, encourage, provide resources, and give them a morning to be catered to spiritually, physically, and emotionally through a sisterhood anointed and appointed by the love of God. The first event was originally planned for 45 guests at the Hamiltonian Hotel in Hamilton, Ohio. Over 175 people attended the event. With 5 speakers, praise and worship sessions, prayer intercessory, prophecies spoken, and prophecies fulfilled, gift bags, and a full course breakfast, everyone who came to the event left fulfilled yet wanting more. After its first year, with mini engagements and events throughout the year, God's Anointed Women quickly began to grow into a powerful movement reaching out to women across the state and eventually across the country. Its second and third annual conferences were held at the Sharonville Convention center in Cincinnati Ohio. It's sponsors included: Bank of America, Procter and Gamble, World Christian Ministries, Waycross Community Television, multiple radio stations and more. With over 1500 people attending these events many lives were impacted! Women who were confined to wheelchairs and with cerebral palsy walked out of their wheel chairs, chains being broken, blessings being poured, and lives being touched. It became a platform for its speakers and participants who have gone on to garner other speaking engagements, host shows and events on TBN and other national television and radio, release music albums, start churches and other organizations and have impacted the world. Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, God's Anointed Women is a platform organization and network hosting powerful traveling conferences and events, promoting the word of God and reaching out to a hurting world. For many are called but few are chosen.

God's Anointed Women Prayer Breakfast / Mini Confe
Aug 17, 2015

God's Anointed Women will be hosting a prayer breakfast / mini-conference Saturday October 24, 2015 From 9am - 4pm.

Events include:



Success Stories
About God's Anointed Women

by gailsmileybooks

God’s Anointed Women is an international empowerment organization built with a vision given by God to reach out to a...


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